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My name is August von Oppenheim and I am 19 years old and live in Cologne Germany. I am currently a second year bachelor student, studying International Economics and Management. I hope this association will give me a deeper insight into the world of family businesses, a topic that is unfortunately not covered in my … Continue reading AUGUST VON OPPENHEIM – Head

Bhavik Singhal

Hi! My name is Bhavik Singhal and I’m in the World Bachelor in Business Program (WBB). I chose to join FBA as it gives me the opportunity to learn about something that I wouldn’t through my regular classes in college. Learning about family businesses specific problems & solutions would be very useful to my career … Continue reading Bhavik Singhal

Marija Gecaite

My name is Marija Gecaite and I am a third year student enrolled in the Bachelor of International Economics and Finance program. I come from Lithuania, a small country, where a strong family bond is one of the most highly appreciated values. Therefore, joining FBA will not only broaden my horizons and enrich my knowledge, … Continue reading Marija Gecaite

Federico Claudio Podestà

I am Federico Claudio Podestà, a 20-year-old freshman attending the CLEAM course. I am enthusiastic to begin this adventure with the Family Business Association, as I would like to understand how these communities work. I hope to be helpful during this academic year so that we will be able to expand the network you guys … Continue reading Federico Claudio Podestà

Roberta Laus

Hi! My name is Roberta Laus, I’m 20 years old and currently a second year bachelor student, studying management. I decide to join FBA not only to learn something more about family business but also to get to know other active and passionate students in Bocconi! It was a great choice!

Carolina Rusche

My name is Carolina Rusche and I am a second year student doing the Bachelor of International Economics and Management. I see FBA as a valuable opportunity to not only gain knowledge externally through different meetings with insightful personalities who operate in family businesses, but also to get to know like minded associates with different personal … Continue reading Carolina Rusche

Charlotte Sophie Bree

I am Charlotte Sophie Bree and I attend the second year of the Bachelor program of International Economics and Management (BIEM). The family business association is the first association I joined at Bocconi. As I am part of the third generation of a family business, this association offers various opportunities to us students to deepen … Continue reading Charlotte Sophie Bree