Simone Ermini – Head

My name is Simone Ermini and I am now enrolled in the third year of the bachelor program in Economics and Management, held in Italian, at Bocconi University. Although my interests are mainly related to the economic field, perhaps because of my previous literary and humanistic studies, in addition to the quantitative aspects I think it’s really important to consider the human factor in its disrupting subjectivity and specificity. For these reasons when I joined Family Business Association I decided to work in the Human Resource (HR) division. Therefore I firmly think that the only chance for a company (or association) that wants to be strong, competitive and profitable, is to pay particular attention to the needs and characteristics of the people working within it, as well as a correct strategy and effective managerial decisions. And these previous topics are more realistic if they are related to family business, the heart around which is organized all the work of FBA and especially the most widespread type of business present in Italy.

If you told me what I like to do, I would tell you: “I love meeting new people, learning new things, doing network, working in teams and also sharing my ideas about different issues with other people”.  And being part of this association gives me the opportunity to do all these activities that excite me and so I am very proud to be part of the great group of FBA!