Marcoandrea Marchetti

I’m Marcoandrea Marchetti and I am attending the Undergraduate Bachelors in Economics. I’m studying in Bocconi because I believe that is a great University with a great environment that allows you to challenge yourself everyday, giving you the opportunity to develop your skills in different fields. Historically the University is strongly linked with Family Businesses, the foundation of the Italian economy. Moreover the economic background of my family is based on Family Business. These reasons can explain why I’m now proud to be a member of FBA, a young and professional Association which has inspired me since I joined. I’m now working in the HR division because I think human relations are fundamental in every Company, each composed of different people with different interests. It is hard to address everyone’s ideas and every impulse, but I believe that is a key to success. Every person is like a gear, and only by managing him or her in the right way will the company will achieve its goals.