Marcoandrea Marchetti

I’m Marcoandrea Marchetti and I am attending the Undergraduate Bachelors in Economics. I’m studying in Bocconi because I believe that is a great University with a great environment that allows you to challenge yourself everyday, giving you the opportunity to develop your skills in different fields. Historically the University is strongly linked with Family Businesses, … Continue reading Marcoandrea Marchetti

Sofia Angeloni

Hello everybody! My name is Sofia Angeloni, I’m 20 year-old and I attend the second year of bachelor in Economics Sciences at Bocconi University. I come from Perugia and I have been living in Milan since last year. I like studying subjects which deal with management and finance topics, I’m very interested in what happens … Continue reading Sofia Angeloni

Simone Ermini – Head

My name is Simone Ermini and I am now enrolled in the third year of the bachelor program in Economics and Management, held in Italian, at Bocconi University. Although my interests are mainly related to the economic field, perhaps because of my previous literary and humanistic studies, in addition to the quantitative aspects I think … Continue reading Simone Ermini – Head