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Edoardo Mussini – Head

I am Edoardo Mussini and I am enrolled in the second year of bachelor program in Economics and Management in Bocconi University. Nowadays I am member of International Affairs division. I decided to be part of FBA to discover the huge family business world, that is a strategical part of the Italian industrial background. This experience is giving … Continue reading Edoardo Mussini – Head

Chiara Della Maggiora

I am Chiara Della Maggiora, I am from Lucca and I am a student at the first year in the Msc of Management. As I heard about FBA, the idea of deepening the world of family business, sharing ideas and opinions with other students and getting in touch with experts and key players of this … Continue reading Chiara Della Maggiora

Sara Bussolati

Sono Sara Bussolati, ho 19 anni e attualmente frequento il primo anno del corso in Economia Aziendale e Management. I motivi principali che mi hanno spinto a prendere parte a FBA sono la tradizione e i valori che impregnano le imprese a conduzione famigliare. Inoltre, avendo la curiosità di approfondire i miei interessi accademici, ritengo … Continue reading Sara Bussolati

Salvatore Perconti

I am Salvatore Perconti and I am a first year student in the Master of Science of Marketing Management. I come from Bivona (AG), a small town located in the heart of Sicily. The choice to join the Family Business Association is related to the curiosity about the managerial implications of a family based organization … Continue reading Salvatore Perconti

Giacomo Bider

My name is Giacomo Bider, I’m a second year student in the Bachelor in Economics and Management. I decided to join Family Business Association because it includes both my interest in this type of Business, that carachterizes most of the Italian industrial tissue, and also because of my inclination to play an active Role in … Continue reading Giacomo Bider

Greta Kompatscher

My name is Greta Kompatscher and I come from Alto Adige. I am currently enrolled in the second year of the MSc in Accounting, Financial Management and Control at Bocconi University. Before moving to Milan I have spent three years in London at Westminster Business School studying Business Management and Marketing. I see the FBA … Continue reading Greta Kompatscher

Margherita Confalonieri

I’m Margherita Confalonieri and I’m currently attending the second year of the Bachelor program in International Economics and Management. I grew up in the stimulating environment of a family business and FBA is giving me the chance to deepen my knowledge in this field, applying what theoretically learnt in class, with a group of amazing … Continue reading Margherita Confalonieri

Filippo Bartolozzi

My name is Filippo Bartolozzi and I am a freshman attending the Bachelor in Economics Management and Computer Science at Bocconi. Having been involved in the family business environment since a young age, I saw FBA as an opportunity to strengthen my knowledge in this field and share my experiences and thoughts with fellow students … Continue reading Filippo Bartolozzi

Giorgio Bagliani

My name is Giorgio Bagliani and I am currently attending the third year of the Bachelor in Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication at Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi. I am in the communication team because I wanted to experience the marketing activity from a more concrete first person point of view and in … Continue reading Giorgio Bagliani

Anna Carla Murgia

I am Anna Carla Murgia and I am enrolled in the first year of MSc in Innovation and Technology (EMIT). FBA gives me the chance to approach an extremely dense topic: the family business. During my bachelor I accidentally registered in a course on Strategy for Family Business, and eventually, I was fascinated by the … Continue reading Anna Carla Murgia


My name is Silvia Dolci, I am second year CLEAM student and I’ve chosen FBA as first university association of my career. I’ve always been close to the family business world as part of the third generation of a family firm, so what better chance than joining FBA to deepen the theme studying, listening and researching the experiences … Continue reading SILVIA DOLCI

Angela Buonocore

I’m Angela Buonocore and I am attending third year of CLEAM, at Bocconi University. I decided to be part of this association to improve my knowledge on family business and to understand the challenges of this type of business in the globalized world. During my studies, I developed a strong interest in Marketing and that is … Continue reading Angela Buonocore

Laura Fratti

  I am Laura Fratti and I’m currently attending second year of CLEAM. I come from Rimini and I love spending hours at the seaside, walking across the shore. Here in Milan the sea is what I miss most of home! When I decided to join Family Business Association, I was not completely aware of the importance of … Continue reading Laura Fratti

Valentina Imparato

I am Valentina Imparato and I’m enrolled in the third year of bachelor program in International Economics and Management. As I heard about the Family Business Association, I immediately decided to be involved in this exciting project. We are given the opportunity to learn and deepen our knowledge on family business, which is a very fascinating … Continue reading Valentina Imparato