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Joining our team means putting into practice your knowledge by working on real life projects and building up experience by networking with family businesses, consultant, national and international organizations.

Thanks to the Family Business Network and AIDAF, FBA⎜Bocconi has a high-level international network especially with Family Business Clubs of the leading business schools around the globe.

You will be involved in the environment of family business, acquiring knowledge on dynamics and common problems. FBA⎜Bocconi is a great place where to nourish your interest toward entrepreneurship and consultancy.

What we care the most is developing critical reasoning skills by challenging every member to continuously improve. To achieve this endeavor, you will work in a team of motivated and enthusiastic people who not only have a strong commitment but also a desire to share experiences and passions.


Your contribution:

We generally meet once a week. We are organized in different groups:

-Financial and Strategic Consulting

-Tax & Legal Advisory

– Marketing & Communication

– Public Relation & Event Management

– Human Resources

– International Affairs


Application Process:

The recruitment process takes place twice a year (Fall and Spring Session). We assess candidates on a rolling basis, so, you are recommended to apply as soon as possible.  Here follows information about the recruitment session:

  1. Fill the form below, choosing the language you prefer (Italian or English).
  2. Our recruiting team will analyze your form and if successful, you will be contacted to sit for an interview in the following days.
  3. Once you have been interviewed, the result will be released within 5 working days. If you get a positive result, you will be integrated in the association soon.

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