The first Bocconi student association entirely devoted to FAMILY BUSINESS

FAMILY BUSINESS ASSOCIATION ⎜BOCCONI (FBA ⎜BOCCONI in short) is an association formed by Bocconi Students with different backgrounds but a common passion: Family Business!

The institution of family is the focus around which everything orbits. Only in Italy roughly 90% of enterprises are family run, Luis Vuitton, Walmart, Volkswagen are all family businesses. Given the magnitude of the subject, FBA⎜Bocconi proposes to stimulate interest and be a reference point at Bocconi University for anyone who would like to be in touch with it.

Among the most important values that FBA⎜Bocconi promotes are ones such as loyalty toward fellow members, respect of people and their diversities and a genuine competition that leads to excellence but, most of all, allows one to learn how to excel in virtually every situation in life.


The association aims at delivering a set of useful tools to tackle the family business environment, which is one of the most rooted all over the world. A key element that needs to be stressed is that the associates weight the process as much as final result, since that is what will help members in the future professional and personal life.

Developing a critical thinking is therefore a consequence of being part of the association and a distinguishing feature that will shape the method of approaching problems and opportunities in every aspect of life.

Less on the philosophical part and a bit more concretely,
FBA⎜Bocconi aims at promotes a continuous dialog not only within members but also among other local and international realities. The intention of the association is to keep expanding its international network of family business “clubs”, through which people have the opportunity to learn more about this fascinating topic.

FBA⎜Bocconi also aims at bringing closer together academic experience of top-class faculty with entrepreneurs and professionals in order to go beyond what has been learned in class.


  • Strategic & Managerial Consulting
  • Legal and Fiscal Advisory
  • Events open to the public
  • Meetings with Academics and Professionals
  • In-company visits
  • International Relations
  • Job-market Orientation

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