10th/03/2016- Start-up:article about our event

On the 10th of March we held our first big event, focused on Start-Up and the impact that family business has in this reality.
Stefano Frontini and Riccardo Ocleppo, two young and succesfull startupper, told us about their personal experience.
Stefano Frontini focused his attention in the not yet developed countries and founded the first car sharing service in Moscow: Delimobil. Throughout the years, even thanks to the help received from his own family, Frontini succeeded in expanding his business, which nowadays is the carsharing leader in the russian market. His obssession for innovation, lead him to create new others StartUps, one of them in collaboration with his father.
On the other side, Riccardo Ocleppo realized his first StartUp in a completely different business: the social learning. Led by the practical need to benefit from reliable notes, during his universities studies he decided to set up a platform of shared documents. After many attempts, he finally succeeded in creating Docsity, website of social learning in which is possible to find school and university notes and benefit from a tutoring service. In this case too, the realization of the project was encouraged by the family, who costantly help him realizing his ideas. The event was moderated by Carmelo Cennamo, professor of “Entrepreneurshipand business planning” and partner of the startup incubator of the university “SpeedMIup”. In conclusion, Dario Voltattorni, executive director of AIdAF, closed the event with a short speech.