PROF. CORBETTA AND SALVATO – December 1st 2015

1 Dicembre (4).jpg

On the 1st of December, we invited professors Guido Corbetta (AIdAF – EY Professor of Strategic Management in Family Business) and Carlo Salvato (director of CLEAM since 2013), surely two of the most important experts of family business at Bocconi, to hold a lecture. They were asked to talk about their careers path both from an academic and professional point of view. After a brief introduction they have discussed over general and more specific topics related to family business. For instance, we asked them to describe the role and importance of non-family managers within a family business, with real examples from Made in Italy firms. Finally, the meeting turned to a friendly discussion on our association, our projects and our growth as individuals. Corbetta and Salvato were both very pleased to help us to fulfill our objectives for the future, giving their support to our initiative and inviting us to participate to AIdAF events.

It was an extraordinary opportunity because we had the chance to learn from their field experience and deep knowledge about family business.