17TH/03/2016- Job Orientation

Another great initiative took place on Thursday, 17th of March.

Bocconi Students for Family Business gave all its members the opportunity to take part to an extremely interesting seminar held by the Bocconi Students Mathematics and Logics association. The central topic of this interactive ‘lecture’ was the mathematical/logical part which must be successfully accomplished in order to get an interview withmultinational firms from many different industries, such as the consulting one or the investment banking field. During the seminar, which proved to be utterly useful and practical, B-Math association’s members provided the attendants with many tools and tips about how to solve quickly and efficiently some brainteasers and some mathematical questions. The seminar was cleverly divided into different parts: the first part was about a brief introduction, an overview of the main tests used by the biggest banks and consulting firms in the world and some general samples. During the second part, a real paper-sample of ten questions randomly picked from a real test was given to each participant, who then had about ten minutes to solve them. Following on, the test was interactively corrected and more tips and advices were given. Last but not least, B-Math’s members showed us some brainteasers and some logical questions asked during real past interviews. All the seminar lasted about one hour and half, which literally flew, as it turned out to be absolutely catching and even fun. At the end of the session, B-Math’s associates provided each of us with another paper sample to practice more on our own. Their professionalism and kindness made the overall experience fruitful and extremely valuable. We look forward to further collaboration with this amazing association, and thank the members who held the seminar, providing us with great advices.

Bocconi Students for Family Business is proud of the seminar’s success, and It will soon organize more interesting initiatives like this.