16TH/02/15 – Export del Made in Italy: Autenticità del prodotto alimentare tra Innovazione e Tradizione with BSFA

On the 16th of February BOCCONI STUDENTS FOR FAMILY BUSINESS (BS4FB) joined the first event of Bocconi Students Food Association. This event was focused on the experience of three important italian entrepeneurs, who lead a family business in the field of food and beverage. The three guests were: Cristina Nonino, trade manager di Nonino distillatori S.p.A.; Savino Muraglia, managing director of Frantoio Muraglia and Lelio Mondella, managing director  of Agroittica Lombarda S.p.A..

They basically tell us about three different italian realities, that manage to create products(grappa, oil and caviar) that combine authenticity, innovation and tradition. We had the opportunity to participate to the discussion about the importance of the family business in our country.

We are grateful to Bocconi Students Food Association for giving us the chance to meet some of the most important ambassadors of made in Italy.